RAILWAY products

Putting your train's passion to work

IMEXBRA represents in Brazil distinguished European manufacturers

of railway products, which allows us

to be in daily contact with all railroads

in our region.


-Steel Rails;

AREMA, profiles 115RE, 136RE and 141RE

EN 13674-1, profiles 54E1 (UIC-54) e 60E1 (UIC-60)

produced by JSW Steel Italy, (ex Lucchini)


-Event Recorder and Diagnostics and Control Systems for trains;

produced by EKE Electronics, Finland


-Measurement Systems & Vehicles and Automatic Train Protection Technology;

produced by MERMEC, Italy


-Copper Wires & Cables for Catenary;

produced by La Farga, Spain

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Av. Empresarial Park Sul, nr. 60 - Sala 7

36120-000, Matias Barbosa, MG


La Farga - basic cables